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Another Helpful Travel Tip From LoveWorks!

International Travel?  Hide Your Condoms!


            If you plan on taking your condoms with you when you travel to Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, or Zambia, you may want to think again.  Condoms are considered illegal in these places.  Even if you are taking condoms for personal use, be careful in airport security, it may appear the condoms are being smuggled, with intention to sell.  The consequences may be scarier than traveling condom-less.  It may be wise to find an alternative method of safe sex during your travels, or a clever way to disguise your condoms.                  If you are looking for a disguise, a couple cool products come to mind.  Stashflops are flipflops that have a drawer in the heel.  This drawer can discreetly carry small personal items like condoms, or other practical things.   Nobody would suspect to open your shoe.  Another item is the Commuter Otter Box.  This is a discreet drawer that is built into a smartphone case.  This case looks like a regular case, with just a smartphone inside, but it can stash small, flat items, like condoms, cash and cards without even appearing to be anything other than a phone. 

            Once you get into the country where condoms are illegal, it is important to keep your condoms out of site.  When leaving the hotel room, make sure these items are with you in the same discreet place you smuggled them into the country in.  Chances are if you leave them in the hotel room, they could be found, which could lead to terrible consequences and you at the mercy of the rules and laws of that country.  Always carry condoms in small quantities.  Small quantities are not only easier to hide, but also make it more obvious it is for personal use, if you get caught.  It is easier to explain being found with 5 condoms than it is explaining why you have a case of condoms.  The case would appear that you are selling them where it is illegal to sell them—which could lead to imprisonment in that country. 

            It is important that you research the laws of adult toys, lubricants, and condoms in the countries you are traveling to, and any countries in between where a layover may occur.  Knowing the laws and planning ahead will keep you prepared during travel and in your hotel room when you arrive.  Stay safe, in more ways than one.  For more information go to

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